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Twelve Cool Tips to Save Money on Pool Maintenance

There’s nothing better than having a pool on your backyard. Being able to just put on shorts or a bikini and enjoy sometime swimming on your own pool is a fantastic feeling. However, not everyone can afford a $20,000 swimming pool, it’s just not feasible for some people. And even for people

Small Firm or Big Firm: A Home Renovation Question

Special thanks to James from Granitestone Renovations for providing his inside with this article. Granitestone Renovation specializes in Basement Renovations in London, Ontario, Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Renovations. Small or big firms: Who provides the best in home improvement? Do think that a skilled tradesman and the general contractor are different? Does is

Antique American Furniture: A Frank Discourse

Thomas Mulninert is said to have crafted the oldest piece of American furniture, circa mid-17th century. He was a craftsman from the colony of New Haven. Professional furniture building didn’t really become prominent in America until later in the 17th century, however. The styles of furniture made in America are quite distinct

Get Your Roof Cleaned ASAP!

How much time do you spend thinking about your roof? If you are like most people, you probably don’t think about it very often. In fact, it might only be when you get a glimpse of the roof while chasing down an errant kite or Frisbee for the kids that

Sarasota Pressure Washing 101: What You Must Know

There are tendencies that the exterior of your house to have mold, mildew and stains that can be tough to remove no matter how much scrubbing you do to it. Luckily for you, there are techniques you can use to completely remove them without so much effort on your part.