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Not Everything Requires a Major Project! Simple Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

A common misconception that a lot of homeowners have is that when something breaks, it is automatically necessary to call in an expert. While I’m not saying that you should never call in experts, there are certain repairs that anyone can do. Let’s breakdown some of them!

Unclogging the toilet

While not the most glamorous of jobs, it’s also something that’s fairly simple. All you’ll really need is a good plunger. A common issue is using the wrong kind of plunger to fix a toilet clog. While most people are familiar with the suction-cup form of a plunger, a toilet plunger needs something a bit extra.

A good toilet plunger will come in two potential forms: one that’s ball-shaped and one that has a fold-out bottom. These are effective because they form a sort of a seal in the crucial area.  Just a few well placed downward thrusts and the clog should clear up with a good plunger.

How do you know you’re successful with the task?

First off, if the clog is gone, you’ll see the water drain away. However, it has often been seen that the plunging action will drain the bowl yet the clog persists. If you see that happen, you can just fill up the bowl with enough water to submerge the cup and keep plunging away.

A true test of success is flushing the toilet. If there are no issues, then congratulation! You’ve just unclogged your toilet!

Replacing your showerhead

This is often a quick and simple way to give your bathroom an upgrade. If your old showerhead has been showing issues, replacing it is a good fix.

First off, turn off your water main. It simply will not do to have water spraying everywhere. Next, make use of a wrench to remove the old shower head. Applying some Teflon tape is a good way to add a couple of layers of security for the incoming showerhead.

You can read any instructions that on the packaging of the new showerhead. After you’ve secured the Teflon tape, it’ll be time to install the replacement. Most of the time, using your hand to tighten it is enough. If it isn’t, you can use a wrench—but be very careful about it. Avoid tightening the new head too much as it may pop off when the water comes back on.

Lastly, turn the water back on and test your new showerhead. Are there any leaks? If you find any, try to tighten the head a bit more and do the test again. If there aren’t any leaks, congratulations! You’ve just replaced your showerhead!

Dealing with squeaky hinges

This applies to all doors and windows in a home. Squeaky hinges can be really annoying over time. The treatment is really simple.

All you need to do is to lift the hinge pin a bit and use your trusted lubricant of choice. Some people make use of WD-40. If the squeak returns, just apply the lubricant again and your problems are solved!